Speaking of incidents in which streamers reportedly show off their bodies or sexy dances on live streams, many of us tend to criticize female streamers. However, in recent days, the netizens have paid more attention to a cunning male streamer who applied the same method as his hot female colleagues have done.

Streamer Pole Dance
The male streamer may never predict such a bad ending.

It is obvious that this guy wouldn’t show any sexy dance on his live stream. Instead, he chose a smarter solution in which he stood still as a pole and let a beautiful hot girl dance around him.

The main character in our story this time is Xiaohao - a popular streamer who focuses on content about real life. Maybe he just wanted to look for something new for his streams. On a beautiful day, Xiaohao suddenly did what nobody could predict.

Stand Pole
He did nothing.

To get more specific, he invited a female guest - a hot girl in a sexy dress - to join his live stream. His strategy rapidly attracted a large number of viewers because all wanted to know what he would do. And what happened to actually made the viewers surprised a lot.

On the live stream, the streamer decided to cosplay a pole - that means he stood still, frankly, and without any movement. He also asked the guest to dance around him. It seems that was their plan because the hot girl didn’t show any sign to refuse his suggestion.

Dance Streamer
Just stood like a pole.

As you can guess, the remaining time of the live stream was an alluring pole dance. It was obvious that the hot girl was willing to do lots of sexy movements near the artificial pole - streamer Xiaohao.

Of course, the positive effects appeared after a few moments when there was a considerable increase in the number of followers on Xiaohao’s channel. However, everything has its own price. While the platforms have tried to tighten discipline, his public pole dance is unacceptable. His streaming screen suddenly turned off along with a notification.

Got a ban.

It worth mentioning that instead of thinking twice about his idea, Xiaohao cried for help and said that he did nothing wrong. And he just stood still during the live stream. This incident may become an unforgettable memory for this cunning streamer.

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