Rising into a popular streamer and TikTok star, Liu Sidao, a 24-year-old girl from China became one of the latest internet sensations thanks to her adorable appearance and charming voice. However, the hot influencer has been in the limelight from times to times with her controversial statements. Recently, Liu Sidao has been slammed for disparaging a Rs 63,000 donation from one of her fans. Instead of thanking him for the donation, the streamer asked: “only this much?”

hot streamer liu sidao
The hot streamer gains popularity for her stunning appearance and cool TikTok videos

Her rude reaction has sparked an outcry among Chinese netizens. According to many people, Rs 63,000 is not a notable amount of money which is equal to the average monthly salary of a young person in Chinese. They also agreed that she doesn’t deserve to receive any donations from her fans at all. These comments go like:

“What did you say? Some people have to work for the whole month to get that money!"
“Lol, I’m thinking about giving you a new nickname”
“I’m gushed”

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Liu Sidao gains lakhs of viewers for a single Livestream section thanks to her stunning appearance

Although the hottie came up with an explanation saying she was having some financial problems for making videos, she didn’t receive sympathy from her followers. In addition to that, Liu Sidao earlier was in trouble when one of her no-makeup photos was leaked on the internet. Haters also called her ‘low EQ’ because of her controversial statements and impolite attitude.

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hot streamer liu sidao
She landed in the controversy for several times and the latest time was when her real face was revealed

As donating is the way fans show their love and affection toward streamers, is it considered rude and impolite to disregard the donation no matter who much it is. Even when she just wants to make a joke, as an influencer, Liu Sidao should be more careful when talking in front of the public to avoid trouble.

Check out some of her TikTok videos and photos right below:

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The streamer turns heads with big eyes and good looking appearance

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