Beautiful, lovely, and having a passion for games are what the netizens often talk about this female streamer. She is Beer Passaranan, better known as Bizcuitbeer, born in 1995. She is now one of the most influential female streamers in Thailand. Bizcuitbeer initially drew attention from the netizens via her YouTube covers with crores of views and her career as a real singer. Her ability in music and popularity help her become a familiar face on the front page of many famous magazines in this country.

Bizcuitbeer is a relatively popular singer and streamer in Thailand.

However, you may not know that Bizcuitbeer is a hardcore gamer who has a powerful passion for games. Her favorite games include Arena of Valor, Resident Evil 3, Fall Guys, and many other games. And of course, her gaming skills are enough for gamers to send countless praise. It’s not surprising that she decides to become a streamer while continuing to develop her career as a singer.

The name “Bizcuitbeer” has become popular in the eSports community in Thailand. With her beautiful look and shining smile, the young streamer can win the heart of any guy for the very first sight without any difficulty.

Many believe that her beauty has something in common with Nene - another hot girl in Thailand who is known as the wife in dreams of many gamers in this country.

Streamer Aov
She often streams Arena of Valor and her good skills impress many viewers.

In the near future, sweet streamer Bizcuitbeer may become the second “national wife”. Let the time answer this question. Now, let’s take a quick look at the stunning photos of the goddess streamer from Thailand!


Smile Streamer

Streamer Goddess

Streamer Thailand

Thailand Streamer

Bizcuitbeer 1

Bizcuitbeer 2

Bizcuitbeer 3

Bizcuitbeer 4

Bizcuitbeer 5

Bizcuitbeer 8

Bizcuitbeer 9
Even a face mask can't hide her beauty.

Bizcuitbeer 10

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