The main character this time is Bitnara - a Korean streamer who has gone viral on social networks and live streaming networks. Of course, as usual, what helps her gain the attention derives from her beautiful face and sexy body. However, not all of the netizens know that in the past, Bitnara used to register and become a trainee of a popular Korean girl band. This streamer also admitted that moving to work as a streamer is actually a turning point in her life.

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Accordingly, Bitnara said that she felt surprised by her current fame. To win the hearts of the audiences, a singer needs to have a beautiful voice, dance well, as well as to face lots of difficulties to complete herself.

However, becoming a streamer is something completely different. Some of the decisive factors include beauty and sensuality, and more ideally, knowing how to create her own unique identity on a live stream. It may come from her sexy clothes to funny interaction or attractive content.


It’s great that our beautiful streamer owns all of the above things. That’s why the number of her fans is now even beyond her initial expectation. She has collected nearly 10 lakh followers on her private page and lakhs of views each live stream.

Additionally, Bitnara added that although it takes her lots of time to work as a streamer, she has now taken it easy. That’s true. In fact, even when she does nothing on a live stream, a large number of viewers are willing to watch her beauty all day.

Bitnara Bikini

Bitnara Lovely

As a former trainee of a girl band, this streamer must have a good voice. And therefore, she can sing or perform eye-catching dances, or guide yoga or gym, or at least, read and answer the questions from the viewers on a live stream.

One of the initial factors that surprise our hot streamer is that the viewers are always willing to give her a valuable donation. Her viewers tend to donate to her as if they just need their names to display on the screen.

Bitnara Student

Korean Streamer

Streamer Bitnara

It is also worth mentioning that Bitnara doesn’t just work as a streamer but she also becomes a model of many renowned brands. It’s not hard to imagine her sexiness as a model. All of her pics are related to swimsuit or underwear.

Bitnara Beautiful

Bitnara Sofa

Bitnara Swimming Pool

Bitnara Swimsuit