It can be undeniable that hot streamers have now enhanced their business capabilities. In the past, they used to sell some common items such as collections of photographs or calendar on live streams. However, at present, a new trend has appeared on social networks. The pioneer in this field may be Yuri Joa - a hot streamer and hot girl from Korea.

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In recent days, Yuri Joa has rocked the netizens in this country by her own business strategy. To get more specific, her fans have got a big shock when she announced her plan to sell a large number of her used clothes.

She spread the breaking news on both live streams and her Instagram account. Accordingly, the beautiful streamer also revealed that there were two purposes for her plan: one, selling off the clothes she used to wear, and two, making extra money to decorate the house she was going to move to.

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Although she didn’t frankly say that she would sell her bikini or lingerie, many fans still lived out their fantasy about what the items were. The streamer said to her viewers that her clothes would be packed and randomly sold for buyers. Also, she suggested that the things inside these packages may include household items, clothes, and some special items. It’s not surprising that “some special items” managed to arouse the curiosity of the netizens.

Of course, she also emphasized that the items on sale included new and used ones. For the used items, Yuri promised that she would keep them clean before sending them to their new owners. Not only her fans but the netizens sent her a rain of praise about how to handle the old items intelligently.


However, what they paid the most attention to her live streams came from whether she showed off her used lingerie and underwear or not. Remember that even when buying her items, the buyer just received random ones. In other words, to have the item to your taste, you would have to invest a lot.

It may be due to her fans’ huge curiosity, the streamer successfully sold out all of her items within only one day. Her fans may now wonder who will be the luckiest buy to buy some special items as Yuri said.



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