It’s not a new story in which female streamers always appear in sleazy or deep cut-out clothes in a bid to boast about their skin and boobs as much as possible. This trick seems to become the first choice of the girls with outstanding appearance. However, while the platforms have set up lots of strict rules to prevent the shameful incidents of showing off their sexy bodies on live streams, female streamers have gradually learned how to dress more modestly. That’s also what hot streamer Baby66 has just announced to the netizens.


Accordingly, Baby66 is know for her beautiful face, spotless white skin, and alluring big breasts. The female streamer often appears on live streams by boasting about her sexy body and immediately raises the temperature on the Internet. However, her colleagues have recently got a series of permanent bans on the streaming platforms, making her worried for her future.

It’s the moment she said to the netizens that she would dress more modestly on her next live streams. No one knows how she will change in the future but at least on that live stream, she still unleashed the madness amongst the netizens via her sexy clothes and poses.

Streamer 1

It’s unnecessary to explain how the netizens felt when hearing the unbelievable information. Many even burst out laughing and admitted that they felt excited about whether the female streamer could do as she said or not. Furthermore, some fans felt sorry if her sayings turned into truth because her sexy body was the largest reason to attract them to her live streams.

Streamer 2

In the past, Baby66 used to get a ban which she believed was very injustice. Accordingly, she didn’t reveal her big boobs intentionally on that live stream. It was just an incident!

This time, no one can know whether the streamer is actually afraid of being banned or not. Only time can give a true answer for this issue. At present, her fans have felt curious about her upcoming moves.

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