Twitch TV is a gaming platform with a quite strict streaming policy to keep it family-friendly. That why it is common to see many female channels get banned for dressing too inappropriately on stream.

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Twitch has a strict policy to keep the platform family-friendly

For most of the time, the bans are pretty straight forward and obviously but there are also times where even the streamer didn't understand why they got banned. This is the case with the Korean female streamer Ah Ying-chu.

Ah Ying-chu wasn't a huge streamer whatsoever, but her channel has been growing really well lately ever since she started cosplaying her favorite cartoon character. While she has never revealed her face on stream yet, she always has a very interesting taste of cloth and camera angle that many viewers actually like better.

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The streamer started to get more viewers when she started doing cosplay of her favorite character

But lately, the female streamer has expressed her frustration on social media because her channel was banned for 2 days for ' inappropriate content'. She claims that she did nothing wrong on her stream and all she did was sitting and talking for the entire duration.

I tried to wear clothes that are not too revealing. I even wore a boxer underneath my dress but it seems that it doesn't matter. I have no idea what I did wrong there.

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The female streamer thinks that there is nothing inappropriate on her stream at all

Frustrated for not knowing what she did wrong, the streamer even thinks about leaving Twitch another platform.

This is not the first time Ying-chu's channel was banned on Twitch. In July this year, her channel was also banned for the same reason with an indefinite ban time.

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