The lead character this time is streamer Zheng Jiachun who is also known as an actress from Taiwan. Along with the rapid development of modern society, people have paid more attention to sex education than ever. That’s why this kind of sensitive topic has now been available on YouTube and rapidly drawn huge attention from the netizens.

Beauty Streamer

In recent days, hot streamer Zheng Jiachun has rocked the streaming world due to her sexy look, and especially her impressive live streams. Accordingly, instead of gossiping with fans or talking about love and sex education as normal, this streamer boasted about her extremely sexy images and promoted adult toys. No need to say how surprised her viewers felt!

This special live stream took place on her 27th birthday. Via her live streaming channel, Zheng Jiachun managed to attract a large number of viewers and have an interesting talk about adult toys and corresponding trademarks.

Live Stream

To get more specific, this streamer revealed that she has invested a lot in the Research and Development (R&D) cost and hoped fans could give her support by purchasing these products.

Sex Education

Zheng Jiachun

Additionally, this streamer also released lots of attractive promotions by showing off her sexiness. On the live stream, she just covered her 34D breasts by the only ribbon and made the viewers unable to take their eyes off the screen.

Zheng Jiachun didn’t deny that she intentionally wore like that because, as she said, she considered herself as a gift. And her collection even consisted of many more mysteries for those who purchased the products the streamer introduced on the live stream.

Sexy Streamer


Streamer Gift

It’s not hard to imagine how excited her fans felt at that time. Many frankly said that they just wished to open the gift right now and immediately ordered her products. Even some who didn’t intend to use such products were willing to buy them to get the promotions.

After only 3 days, the beautiful streamer continued to appear on another live stream to send a bunch of thanks to her fans. She also frankly revealed that she has earned up to Rs10.4 crore within such a short time.

Taiwanese Streamer

In fact, Zhang Jiachun is not a strange name on social networks because apart from her perfect appearance, she always focuses on creating lots of notable ‘events’ to draw attention from the netizens. For example, until now, many can’t still forget her appealing images at a hot spring.

Streamer Hot Spring

Streamer Zheng Jiachun

Zheng Jiachun Dress

Zheng Jiachun Food

Zheng Jiachun Ice

Zheng Jiachun Lie

Zheng Jiachun Red

Zheng Jiachun Shoe

Zheng Jiachun Sleep

Zheng Jiachun Smile

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