Disney’s Aladdin has just had a successful opening, with $86.1 million and its winning the weekend of the latest released North America box office for the weekend. The newest live-action remake of Disney is anticipated to reach about $105 million when the number of Monday’s Memorial Day was released.

Not only did Aladdin have a great opening in North America, but its premiere in international markets was also a big success. Only three days after the movie was out on the screens, Aladdin made $121 million, which added a considerable number to the total worldwide box office of the movie - $207.1 million – after only one weekend.

Aladdin Movie
Aladdin live action movie is a new success of Disney

Although Aladdin didn’t receive the best reviews from the professional movie critics, the audiences enjoyed it very much, considering a close-to-perfect rating on CinemaScore (a poll made for audiences who watched a movie). It is no strange that the opinions of viewers are different from the critic score, and Aladdin seems to be one example of that case. Moreover, a strong rating from CinemaScore indicates that the movie will have a good performance in the second week and after that due to the positive effect of word-of-mouth spread.

The audience love the new Aladdin movie because it has successfully brought the animated movie into live action

The cast of Aladdin is one factor contributing to the success of the remake: Naomi Scott playing Jasmine, Mena Massoud playing Aladdin and Will Smith as the Genie. At first we did have some hesitation with Will Smith being the new Genie (partly because Robin Williams has done this role so well in the animated version of this film in 1992), but then Will Smith has rocked this role with his singing capability. And princess Jasmine, oh my god, she is stunningly beautiful, so beautiful that a lot of us forget that she was the Pink Ranger in the remake of Power Ranger in 2017.

Powerrangers Pink Naomiscott 233144 1280x0
Yeah, Jasmine was the PInk Ranger

For its outstanding global box office haul in the first opening weekend of more than $200 million, Aladdin becomes the biggest start ever of Guy Ritchie, the director of the movie, surpassing his second closest, which was Sherlock Holmes (2009) with $62.3 million. It was also the second biggest box office for the opening weekend of Will Smith, only after Suicide Squad.

Aladdin 2019 Naomi Scott Walt Disney Studios
Guy Ritchie is really great at bringing animated characters of Aladdin to real life 

Besides the top one of the weekend box office in the US and Canada taken by Aladdin, the four others in the top five movies are also noticeable. With $24.4 million in the Friday-Sunday period, John Wick 3 is anticipated to come in second place with $30.5 million when the number of Monday is out. The third part of John Wick also performs well two weeks after its premiere, internationally reaching up to $181.5 million, which has already beaten the $171.5 million of the second movie in its entire run.

John Wick 3 Jw3 D33 11118 Rc Rgb
Keanu Reeves still proves that he is cool AF at his 50

Avengers: Endgame still keeps its heat since its opening, which finishes in the third place. The Marvel’s blockbuster brought back $16.8 million during May 24-26 and received the expectation to make $21.9 million in the weekend of holidays in the US and Canada. In the category of the biggest box office in history, Avengers: Endgame is still behind Avatar ($2.78 billion) with the current global haul of $2.67 billion. We are all looking forward to seeing Avengers: Endgame dethrone Avatar and becoming the most profitable movie of all time.

We are all expecting this to happen

The two others in the top five were Pokemon: Detective Pikachu and Jame Gunn’s new superhero horror movie Brightburn, with respectively $13.3 million and $7.5 million.

North American Box Office from May 24 to May 26

1. Aladdin - $86.1 million
2. John Wick: Chapter Three Parabellum - $24.4 million
3. Avengers: Endgame - $16.8 million
4. Pokemon Detective Pikachu - $13.3 million
5. Brightburn - $7.5 million
6. Booksmart - $6.5 million
7. A Dog’s Journey - $4.1 million
8. The Hustle - $3.8 million
9. The Intruder - $2.3 million
10. Long Shot - $1.7 million