YouTubers have now taken full advantage of tricks to earn views and money on this famous platform. And amongst the currently most popular trends, Mukbangers manage to draw huge attraction from the audiences. For those unknown, Mukbang is a term to depict a trend on social networks in particular and on the Internet in general in which the lead character focuses on eating a large amount of food while interacting with her or his fans.

Mukbanger Youtubers

Depending on the platform, the audiences sometimes have to pay an amount to watch a Mukbang video. Many hosts successfully earn lots of money via Mukbang by receiving donations or collaborating with ad networks.

If you are wondering how much Mukbangers from Korea can earn, let’s take a quick look at the list of top 5 Mukbang YouTubers who have reportedly had the highest income at present.

Mukbangers Topchart

Dona (도나)

Dona created her YouTube channel in April 2018 and until now, this channel has had more than 0.6 crores of subscribers and 220 crores of views. It worth mentioning that the duration of each video is relatively short, just 2-3 minutes but she has still managed to attract a huge amount of viewers. As a piece of evidence, her video of licking a lollipop also collected nearly 30 crores of views. According to a statistic, Dona has made a monthly profit of up to Rs18 crores.

Dona Korean Youtuber

In addition, Dona has also focused on creating diverse content on her own channel by eating many kinds of food, and almost of them look eye-catching, colorful, and sweet - that suits Koreans’ taste. If you are a big fan of Korean dramas or TV series, you can easily realize that young people in this country love sweets so much: they eat sweet cakes when they are happy, eat sweet macarons as they feel sad, sweet Yangwa as stressful, and sweet snacks as angry.


The following positions include Jane ASMR (제인) (about Rs5 crores each month), Hongyu ASMR (홍유) (about Rs2.8 crores), Hamzy (햄지) (Rs1.6 crores), and Eat with Boki (문복희) (Rs1.3 crores).

Jane Asmr

Eat With Boki


Hongyu Asmr

Undeniable Consequences

In spite of their huge income, YouTubers as Mukbangers have faced lots of big issues.

Firstly, it is obesity, and the story of Eating goddess Yang Soo Bin is an example. The Korean media has recently revealed that the Ministry of Health and Welfare in this country is planning to apply some new limits for Mukbang next year as an effort to reduce the increasing rate of obesity in Korea. According to the Telegraph, in 2016, the percentage of obese people in this country increased to 34.8% from 26% of the year 1998. YouTuber Hamzy said that when she isn’t on the air, she has to abstain from eating and jogging more frequently.

Dona Mukbanger
Dona, as well as other Mukbang YouTubers, has faced lots of health issues.

Secondly, another issue related to others nearby. This issue often happens to YouTubers who are directly on-air at restaurants. The fact that they have to eat in a long time may affect other customers. At the moment, some restaurants ban this trend and announce not to welcome YouTubers who have any intention to record a Mukbang video.

Thirdly, in addition to obesity, eating too many sweets, oil, or seafood also affects health, as well as functions of the liver, kidney, and heart of these YouTubers. In recent days, a Chinese Mukbanger lost his life due to cerebral hemorrhage, high blood pressure, and lipid. Since he followed his career as a Mukbanger, within only half of a year, his weight increased from 100kg to 140kg, and that’s why he couldn’t maintain good health.