Recently, Bandai Namco has made an announcement about their new action Role Playing Game for Dragon Ball Z. Besides the fact that this project has just been carried on around the beginning of this year, we have not heard about any further information of it. The good news is that at the finals of the recently popular world tournament Dragon Ball FighterZ around the end of this month, there will be a high chance we may know more about the game. At this very same event, the latest character of Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting introduced also.

To those who are not hardcore fans of the Dragon Ball series, or particularly Dragon Ball Z, you may be wondering who exactly ‘The Warrior from Universe 11’ is, right? According to people who have a wide knowledge about it, he probably is Jiren. If you still cannot figure out who Jiren is, we have a picture of him right below for you.

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He is one of the Pride Troopers’ members. Jiren’s entry on the Dragon Ball Z wikipedia makes him seem like one of the dullest people across the universes.
He is quite serious and stoic towards most matters, which was clearly shown when he posed differently from the rest of his team. Jiren is quite of a quiet type of guy, as he rarely speaks more than he needs to.

He is also known for his bravery and discipline, he remains unfazed by practically anything. Furthermore, he is very observant as well as focused. He constantly watches and studies his environment in order to prepare himself better for any kind of new threat possible. And last but not least, he is quite tough, which is way more important than his charisma considering this game is mostly about punching.

In spite of knowing almost nothing about DBZ, FighterZ seems to be highly fascinating with a lot of punches as well as spectacle that are able to destroy galaxies.