There are a lot of companies whose specialization focuses on wedding ceremonies. Recently, one of those companies in Japan - ESCRIT - has joined hand with The Pokémon Company. They have been offering Pokémon-themed weddings, officially licensed ones, to the customers. They have already held the first Pokémon wedding ceremony, you can find some images of it right below. Needless to say, there are lots to take in.

An image from the wedding

A friendly reminder for you: while you take your first look at the following images, please keep it in mind that this is actually not a regular Pokémon-themed wedding which was simply designed and decorated by fans. The ceremony you will be looking at in just a moment is entirely professional. We can confidently say that there was hardly any corner of this wedding ceremony where the licensing department from The Pokémon Company hadn’t touched.

The first and most noticeable feature of the ceremony, as you may have spotted in the image above, is that you will get two human-sized Pikachu mascots from the wedding package. One comes with a top hat and a bow tie whereas the other one comes with a veil, supposedly representing the bride and the groom.

Starting from here, everything only gets more and more licensed. You will have a whole special menu full of official Poké-themed food. Such as this dish with Pikachu’s back and his famous lighting-like tail:

Image 1

Or this really beautiful and delicate, also tastefully-branded dessert with some edible "poké-balls" and a portrait of Pikachu:


It’s worth pointing out that the wedding cake can be considered as a major Pokémon affair. It was also decorated with a highly exquisite placard:


Many state that this is their favorite feature - the wedding certificate. Who wouldn’t want to get married with a certificate like this?

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Speaking of Pokémon, there is an upcoming livestream announcement where you can get roughly 15 minutes long of new information about the new games in the franchise: Pokémon Sword and Shield at 6:00 AM PDT on June 5.