Who would think playing online games can actually save a life? Well, recently, a 14-year-old teenager named Reilly Howard in East Hampton High School has a story to tell. The high school kid did the right things and saved a life for another teenager aged 13. By talking things through with his fellow, Howard diverted his fellow from the thought of committing suicide.

A Kid Save Life 03
A kid saved a life with online games

Howard, like most teenagers at their age, plays online games regularly. On one occasion, he met with another 13-year-old teenage gamer from Florida online. It turned out that the boy was having a bad day and came up with the thought of suicide.

A Kid Save Life 04
A 13-year-old teenager was in serious distress and wanted to end his life

A life-saving decision

Howard was quick to react with words. He kept talking to him and offered condolences for 2 hours, persuading him to call the suicide hotline. Howard’s parents got home and called the police to help to deal with the situation. The help reached the distraught teenager and everything settled well.

A Kid Save Life 05
A gamer can actually be a good listener

In honor of his life-saving act, the East Hampton Board of Education will put Howard in the list of honorable at the end of this month.

While his action is deemed good-will and commendable, Howard appeared on a USA based news channel, WFSB 3 while doing a strange thing. He was playing CS:GO with hacks!

In the interview, Howard was talking casually but was indeed using Spin Bot and Aim Bot to kill off enemies quickly. What is even more hilarious, he was playing in a practice match where no unit even moves an inch!

The news was received by the CS:GO community with many fun reactions. Many people took it as the kid was legitimately trolling with the news channel. Obvious, no normal gamer could be dull enough to not notice it was a Spin Bot. Others thought that he was just a kid and wanted to look like a pro with many kills.

Regardless, saving a life is a good deed and Reilly Howard has done well as a gamer.