Neha Dhupia has been in the center of attention lately with her pregnancy, the short film Kajol, and the series Roadies Revolution.

But this time is totally different, her name comes up for a super bizarre and funny reason. During one of the recent show of Roadies Revolution, one contestant revealed that he slapped his girlfriend when finding out that she has been cheating him with 4 other men. Much as to the surprise of the guy and the viewers, Neha actually defended the girl for what she has done and criticize him.

Neha Dhupia said: " It was her choice. Maybe the problem lies with you. You don't have the f*cking right tp slap a girl"

You can watch the video below to see the reaction of Neha Dhupia at that moment. She was clearly not joking and seemed to very very angry about it.

This incident went viral quickly on the Internet and of course, many users did not agree with what she said. Some even called her a fake feminist and many have shown their disagreement with the most hilarious way, make it a meme.



Meme 2
I also wonder what her husband is going to think about this

Etcg Tkxgaerg I
It is totally fine for a girl to have 5 guys, right? It totally happens all the time in some specific types of movies

Meme 3

Neha Dhupia might be a little bit too concern for the girl in the story and I am sure she meant well as she is a woman as well. Slapping a girl is not exactly what a man should do, but so do having 5 boyfriends. She might need to calm down and analyze the situation a little bit next time before saying those words or the Internet will strike again and remind her about it.

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