We know that there is a LOT of adult/18+/p.o.rnographic content on the internet. But quite a few of such content, hosted on sites such as P.o.rnhub or Redtube have been associated with plenty of negative media buzz and controversies. The recent blowup between Mia Khalifa and her previous employers is one example of many.

These 'Ethical' Adult Websites Are Not Scandalous As Pornhub Or Redtube

The most popular p.o.rn websites are often free and bring in millions of visitors every day, but you might not know that the companies that own these sites have been hit with allegations of sexual exploitation and trafficking, without concern for the models and p.o.rnstars in the videos.

For example, last year P.o.rnhub had 42 billion visits or about 114 million visits per day. P.o.rnhub is just one website among many such sites out there that are all owned by one company called MindGeek. That one company owns multiple p.o.rn studios, which explains how the p.o.rn sites could host content from the studios without problems.

These 'Ethical' Adult Websites Are Not Scandalous As Pornhub Or Redtube

Since so much of the adult entertainment industry is concentrated around one company, the monopoly makes it very difficult for people who make or participate in adult entertainment to actually make enough money even though the owners bring in billions of dollars. A lot of content is available for free on the sites because the sites don't have to pay the people making them.

Along with many allegations of abuse and criminal activities, the major adult entertainment companies have been under fire from many former p.o.rnstars like Mia Khalifa. But apparently, there are several websites out there that promise to deliver the same erotic material without the burdens that come with P.o.rnhub and the likes.

These 'Ethical' Adult Websites Are Not Scandalous As Pornhub Or Redtube

According to Happy Mag, these are 7 sites that provide "ethical p.o.rn", as in the content is not being exploited by the major corporations and the proceeds go straight to the adult content creators who perform according to their own wishes. Let's find out what they are:

7 Adult Websites That You Can Use Without Worrying About Scandals and Abuse Like P.o.rnhub

1. XConfessions and Lust Cinema

The website XConfessions is described as "the meeting place of indie cinema and p.o.rn" and was founded by the appropriately named Erika Lust. There is varied content on it ranging from regular movies to interviews and even BTS footage. There are confessions and stories which are written and animated and some are turned into short films.

These 'Ethical' Adult Websites Are Not Scandalous As Pornhub Or Redtube

The other one, Lust Cinema, is the sister site which has full-length feature p.o.rn movies. They are considered to be p.o.rn but with "good storyline (!) and cinematography".

2. OnlyFans

This website has become quite well-known for the number of popular adult models and p.o.rnstars that have joined up. It is considered to be the "social media" of p.o.rn, due to the subscription service that allows you to pay for the stuff you want to see. Although, OnlyFans is not strictly about p.o.rn but only known for it thanks to the lax rules.

These 'Ethical' Adult Websites Are Not Scandalous As Pornhub Or Redtube

It's considered less exploitative than the adult entertainment industry as you are directly paying the content creators. The creators can set their own prices based on the range available on the site, and fans can pay extra for extras. OnlyFans gets a 20% cut but the creators are in charge of what they want to post, free from pressure by big p.o.rn moguls

3. Bellesa.co

This site is more female-oriented with a feminist influence, with free p.o.rn offered as part of their partnerships. The free material is limited to 10 mins and the "premium" stuff also includes videos made by the in-house studio. It is more "soft" erotica with women's health advice than what is normally considered p.o.rn

These 'Ethical' Adult Websites Are Not Scandalous As Pornhub Or Redtube

4. Dipsea

Here is another female-friendly service that is focused on the audio side of p.o.rn rather than the visual. It is like Audible with erotic stories that can range from 5 to 20 mins in duration. The target audience here is certainly more women than men as there is nothing to watch.

These 'Ethical' Adult Websites Are Not Scandalous As Pornhub Or Redtube

5. MVTube

It is like other "tube" sites but operates more fairly for the adult content creators. MVTube is part of the Many Vids website which also has free content, but only those that the MV users have made available for free, who get 67 cents for every thousand views.  To access the rest of the material on Many Vids, users would pay the performers directly.

These 'Ethical' Adult Websites Are Not Scandalous As Pornhub Or Redtube

Based on this model, the performers are paid for their work and their free content is used for exposure and promotion, while users can also pick and choose the type of content they want to watch and pay for anything else extra.

6. Kink.com

As you can tell by the name, this is for those who are into the more kinky side of p.o.rn, such as BDSM. According to the site, they strive “to be the most trusted destination for entertainment, education and experiences that inspire people to explore their kinky side without shame.”

These 'Ethical' Adult Websites Are Not Scandalous As Pornhub Or Redtube

Because of the sensitive nature of kinky and/or BDSM type of p.o.rnography, the site has strict requirements over consent that performers have to abide by, such as a checklist of what is or isn't permissible.

7. Make Love Not Porn

Here is a website that is more about a community interested in s.e.x and all its “glorious, silly, beautiful, messy reassuring humanness” according to the site itself. It was created in 2009 by Cindy Gallop for users to explore themselves and half of the money you pay to access it goes straight to the creators.

These 'Ethical' Adult Websites Are Not Scandalous As Pornhub Or Redtube

Theoretically, having more people using these websites and perusing their services would help give more strength to the more independent venues in p.o.rnography, which would lessen the level of abuse, exploitation, and violations within the mainstream adult industry. Although, whether or not this could be achieved is another different matter.

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