Mirage is a trickster with a thirst for attention. He would make a good pick for players who are into the splitting up style, which requires the squad to spread out. Playing him might take practice to get used to, but when you get the hang of it, Mirage will prove to play a vital part in making the team the winners.

Passive Ability - Encore

How To Unlock Mirage And Caustic In Apex Legends
Mirage - the Holographic Trickster

It may not sound like the most useful ability in battle but Encore can still be useful. When initiated, it conceals him for 5 seconds and deploys a decoy to hide Mirage’s location. For those who play Mirage, Encore will come in handy when the squad needs to check a building beforehand or inform the squadmates when you are in distress. This method brings a lot of danger but in case you really die, your allies can still bring you back to life.

Tactical Ability - Psyche Out

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Gain an upper hand with Psyche Out

Psyche Out is arguably why any player chooses Mirage. This ability deploys a holographic decoy that guides enemies to another direction. Psyche Out can be a good way to see if there is threat ahead because if there is, they are probably going to open fire, which can sometimes reveal their own locations.

When initiating this ability of Mirage, make sure that you and your allies are somewhere else or are preparing for a surprise attack from the sides.

Ultimate Ability - Vanishing Act

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Mirage is highly vulnerable after using Vanishing Act

Vanishing Act is the ideal resort in distress situations. When in use, it will release a large number of decoys on where you or your squad is standing to confuse your enemy so that you have time to escape or give you an edge over them.

This much benefit comes with a downside though. A few seconds after using Vanishing Act, Mirage is highly vulnerable as he cannot defend himself but is still visible to the enemies.

The desired outcome is you or your squad gains a favorable position to strike or re-locate somewhere else.