As of the end of the week, Aquaman has achieved $1.02 billion in revenue since its worldwide premiere. This number has led Aquaman to become one of the blockbusters and the most successful films in the entire history of superhero film movies.

Forbes announced that there are 36 other films in the world reaching box office revenues of over $1 billion.

Aquaman officially surpassed the $1 billion global revenue mark

In the DC Comics movies, Aquaman overcame The Dark Knight's $1,004 billion, but still can't be surpassed the $1.08 billion revenue of The Dark Knight Rise. However, movie ticket have increased significantly in prices over the past time compared to the time The Dark Knight Rises was released.

Although Aquaman is really charismatic, it does not seem to be well received in the US and Canada. Aquaman's revenue in the country is still in fourth place compared to other movies in DCEU. At the top is Wonder Women earned $412.5 million in the domestic market, followed by Suicide Squad earned $325.1 million, and the third by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for $330.3 million. Aquaman has significantly attracted more international audiences, especially in China, the film has earned $300 million. Only revenue from international box offices, Aquaman has earned over 700 million dollars.

Aquaman is still behind domestic sales of  Wonder Woman and Batman vs Superman

In 2018, up to 5 films achieved over $1 billion when it was released. Among them was Avengers: Infinity War, with a high turnover of $2,045 billion, and last year's most popular movie - Black Panther with $1,346 billion. In addition, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom also earned $1,309 billion, and the highly anticipated family superhero cartoon - Incredibles 2 also grossed $1,242 billion.

James Wan, Aquaman's director also thanked the film crew and actors after being aware of the film's record of over $1 billion. Besides, he also sent a compliment to Jason Momoa's acting as Aquaman. He said that it will become a golden criterion for this character in the coming generations. Here are Wan's tweets: