Bella Poarch is one of TikTok’s fastest-growing content creators at the moment with her viral lipsync video "M to the B", which is currently has almost 40 million like on Tiktok. The video pretty much broke all the records on the platform of all other famous TikTokers.

With all the hearts Bella Poarch received from her video, it is easy to think that she must be loved a lot by most people on the platform. But on the contrary, she is getting reported left and right and receiving a massive number of hate comments.

Bella Poarch1
While Bella Poarch might look cute on TikTok, she is actually 20 years old with a quite rocking body

Bella Poarch2

Bella Poarch3
People feel uncomfortable because Bella Poarch acts cute on camera while she is already 20 years old

Bella Poarch4

You are might be wondering why? It turns out that people were upset because they think she is not allowed to act cute because she is 20 years old. It seems that most of these people are from Western countries, where acting childlike is not ok if you are an adult.

Bella Poarch Comments Instagram

Bella Poarch herself also doesn't understand why acting cute is a bad thing because most Asians are actually ok with it.

"Why is it not allowed to act cute? It’s a natural thing to most Asians. But people seem to hate me for it. I’m Filipino and in the Philippines, we love Ulzzang and kawaii culture. I grew up with it so why can’t I just be myself?"

Bella Poarch5
Bella Poarch's photo on Instagram
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Bella Poarch's photo on Instagram
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Bella Poarch's photo on Instagram

On October 9, Bella Poarch revealed on her Twitter that she has been ban from commenting on TikTok because a huge number of users reported comments of her with a llama emoji. The ban only lasted for 1 day but she got banned again a few days later for commenting "Nice" along with a llama and a heart emoji.

Bella Poarch
Bella Poarch was banned from commenting on TikTok because she used an emoji

It seems that this is the result of trolls who trying to annoy her because she is now too famous. While these bans are only annoying at most, TikTok needs to take action to protect its content creators from these kinds of mass reporting.

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