We have just seen the newest pictures of Batman by Robert Pattinson. They look cool and dope, so we can have some faith in director Matt Reeves with his next three Batman movies. However, fans of Ben Affleck still feel bad for him, as he was supposed to be the writer, director, and the Batman of these new Batman movies. Ben Affleck signed the contract, but then he withdrew himself from the project. At that time, Ben explained to us that he did try his best but he could not make a script that he could be happy about it, so he left. But apparently, that was not the truth.

To understand to the decision of Ben Affleck, we have to go back to the first time this Hollywood actor put on the Batsuit - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After the promising success of Man of Steel in 2013, Zack Snyder decided to make Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. This movie as a whole is okay, and the revenue from box offices is good too. However, this is a fan service movie (the type of movie that only the fans can have enough knowledge to enjoy), and the script of the movie has too many holes, so Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was beaten to death by critics.

Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
More than $800 million dollar box office revenue could not save Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice away from heavy criticism

That is why the “Sad Affleck” meme was born. Ben Affleck did promise not to touch any other superhero movie after movie Daredevil in 2003, and this Hollywood actor does have alcohol issues (he has been checked into rehab sometimes). With these two factors, alongside with the negative criticism for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ben was receiving, gave birth to the “Sad Affleck” meme. That moment can be one of the most disappointing moments in Ben Affleck’s career.

Sadfleck 970
The original Sad Affleck meme

But that is certainly not the most disappointing moment in the career of this Hollywood actor, as he had to go through the Justice League movie in 2017. This movie was a disaster, no doubt about that. This project was going smoothly, but then a tragedy happened to Zack Snyder's family. Autumn, the 20-year-old daughter of Zack Snyder killed herself in March 2017, which resulted in the departure of Zack Snyder away from Justice League movie in May 2017. However, as the movie was still scheduled to be released in November 2017, it was rewritten, reshot, and the director of Avengers (2012) movie Joss Whedon had to take charge of the movie.

Screenshot 54
Joss Whedon could not save Justice League either

And now, we all know that the Justice League movie was a disaster. Even the fans hate it, not to mention regular movie watchers and the critics. After the Justice League movie, Ben Affleck tried his best to drink away his bad memory, but obviously, he could not. The terrible experience with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League movie has successfully dissuaded him from continuing his solo Batman movies, although he has signed the contract. These below sentences from the interview with our Hollywood actor are perhaps the shortest explanation for the withdrawal of Ben Affleck from solo Batman movies.

Screenshot 55
Words coming out of Ben Affleck's mouth himself

We know, it is extremely hurtful for any true superhero movie fans, especially DC fans. Ben Affleck was regarded as one of the most suitable actors in Hollywood for the role of Batman – Bruce Wayne. He has demonstrated that exceptionally well in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, considering how overly and unnecessarily complex the script of the movie was. Nevertheless, Ben Affleck could not stand the terrible experience again, so we will be having a new and younger Batman now.