Bounty hunter may not be a strange job to fans of Hollywood movies; however, not all of us know that it is actually existing in the real world. Are missions of a bounty hunter similar to what we see in movies? Let’s check out the following article to get what you want to know about this special job!

1. Facebook Is The Most Helpful Source

When being asked about where to collect the private data, a bounty hunter replied on Reddit that it’s not easy to gather the private information of targets. He often searches for it from the associated parties of the government authorities and law agencies but some refuse to provide the information to him. Also, bounty hunters share secret data with each other and exploit online databases including Facebook or Instagram.

Bounty Hunter Facebook Privacy
Facebook can provide more helpful information than you can think.

2. A Normal Work Day

When it comes to the work schedule of bounty hunters, Redditor u/BrownBearSix reveals that he often starts to work at noon. Along with his two employees, he comes to the office in the morning and holds the meetings to discuss new or ongoing cases on PowerPoint.

Each member of his team is responsible for a specific mission, for example, collecting targets’ images and comparing them with the available information. Two small drones are also used to keep track of their targets more easily.

Wordday Bounty Hunter

The next mission is to deliver wanted posters to gas stations and hotels in the same region because about 80% of the fugitives have a habit of smoking. Gas stations are known as huge intelligence. A bounty hunter completes his observation at 1-2 am.

After knowing all about the target’s habits, daily life, and behaviors, bounty hunters begin to make a plan to arrest the target.

For this kind of mission, a bounty hunter is paid about $7,200 (about Rs 5.4 lakh) per month and a cost of living is included. In addition, 8% of the bonds (worth $10,000 - 70,000 (Rs7.5 lakh- Rs53 lakh)) is given when they manage to catch a target.

Drones are used to keep track of criminals.

3. Money And Danger

A bounty hunter reveals that what he desires the most in this special job is money but bounty hunters always have to work many hours per day, even all weekends without any day off. That’s why many don’t want to keep working and choose to change their jobs.

Catch Criminal

There are a lot of dangers a bounty hunter needs to face. For example, shot or slashed in the face. Some criminals flee to foreign countries, such as to the Dominican Republic, to avoid being arrested by the US police. In other words, bounty hunters have to accept the loss of money in such cases.

4. How To Escape?

How to escape when being hunted by a bounty hunter? is a question given by Redditor/u/earthwormjim7. Accordingly, a Reddit user reveals that the only way is fleeing to foreign countries but that doesn’t mean bounty hunters don’t continue to chase after them.

Bounty Hunter Movie

5. Many Bounty Hunters Hunt The Same Criminals

Many wonder whether two bounty hunters hunt the same criminal or not? And one Redditor reveals his own experience: He accidentally fell into a similar situation. He and another bounty hunter looked for the same criminal but the bounty hunter was hired by another company. However, it was just a seldom exception.

6. Is A Bounty Hunter Ready To Hunt His Friend?

For this question, a Redditor said that he hunted his best friend who had lots of trouble and didn’t appear in the court. In spite of difficulties, he still put the cuffs on him. Luckily, he and his friend have been now in a good relationship.