You might be thinking that Activision is really happy with the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Yes, this title is really great with all the promised features from both Activision (publisher of the game) and Infinity Ward (developer of the game), but then Activision itself is having quite a huge trouble with the copyright for images in its Call of Duty game series.

Back in August 2017, AM General – maker of the iconic Humvee car models – filed a law sue toward Activision because AM General believed that Activision has illegally used the images of the iconic military vehicle in many Call of Duty games without asking for permissions of AM General. That case is still going on, and it just has a new update. Activision has kept all of us waiting for a year and a half to make their official response to the claim of AM General.

Cod Humvee
Humvee car in Call of Duty

Below here is the opening of the response of Activision (filed on May 31st), which is basically a great summary of this response.

Humvee cars in Call of Duty

The first sentence is a very bold statement. Activision draws out The First Amendment of the Constitution of the US to defend itself. While Activision admitted that the right toward Humvee car models surely belongs to AM General, Activision only uses the image of this military vehicle in its games.

Moreover, Activision has pointed out that AM General and the manufacturing process of this company have nothing to do with the cultural and historical meaning of the Humvee. So, if AM General choose to continue this law sue, that company will go against The First Amendment of the Constitution of the US, which is about the right for the people’s freedom of speech, religions, and ideas.

First Amendment
The First Amendment of the Constitution of the US

AM General already had an official response toward Activision, and the response of AM General was issued really quickly, the same day with the response of Activision. The opening of the response of AM General says.

This is a very interesting case since both sides have issued their arguments logically. If AM General wins this case, this will mark a huge milestone about the copyrights for images in many video games, movies, TV shows ….. Activision is not alone in this case. All other parties can file briefs in favor to help Activision on the case.

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Humvee cars in real life

For example, if Disney wants to use the images of Humvee for free in their next movies/TV series, this company can totally file a brief in favor to help Activision on the court. This law suit does not look to end soon, so we will update you with more information as soon as we hear anything new.