Nowadays, in the era that getting your hand on 4G is not something too luxury, a lot of people are using music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music as a habit. However, many of us have downloaded video from Youtube to listen offline at least one, and many of us are still doing this. The real question is that is this action illegal?

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Downloading videos from Youtube and then converting into mp3 file is a common action

Back then, we did not have enough money to listen to online music all the time. So downloading video on Youtube and then convert the video to MP3 file to listen offline was a very common action. People with a tight budget has been doing that for years. The software to convert files is also very popular. But have you ever asked yourself: are we legally allowed to do that?

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There are even online tools for you to download video from Youtube and then convert it

Basically, Youtube is a video platform, so no one can prevent you from downloading video from the website. But if you download the copyrighted videos (and most of the videos on Youtube now is copyrighted), then you have violated the law. A copyrighted video is a property of the creator of that video, and all copyrighted videos are not for downloading.

Do the video producers know that we download their music videos from Youtube to listen offline? Yes, they do. But luckily, they will probably not do anything if you just download the video to listen offline. Therefore, you are highly likely not going to get yourself into any kind of troubles if you download a video from Youtube (even a copyrighted one) and then listen or watch it offline, although this action is against the law.

Videos like this are surely copyrighted videos, and you should not download it

However, you should not push the limit. If you download a copyrighted video and then re-upload it, then you are in big trouble. That action of yours will be detected nearly immediately, and your account may be banned. If the producer of the video wants to pursue the case, then you might even have to go to a court, and no one wants that.

So, if you want to stay safe, you can download the videos from Youtube, but use it offline for yourself only.