The famous YouTuber Ajey Nagar, or better known as CarryMinati, has just dropped a new rap video titled “Yalgaar” on his YouTube channel later last night. Previously, the comedian released a teaser of the video, promising to narrate his side of the so-called “scandal” - which makes the video highly anticipated. Yes, the rap video is about the whole YouTube vs TikTok controversy that eventually led to CarryMinati's "YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END" video deleted from his YouTube channel, involving the harassment and cyberbullying policy. But yesterday, the Faridabad-based boy made a comeback with a brand new rap video. Since its released, CarryMinati “Yalgaar” memes have swarmed the micro-blogging site Twitter. 

Even the famous cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal is excited about the "Yalgaar" video
CarryMinati finally reveals his side of the story

The video is titled “Yalgaar”, which means “assault or attack” in Urdu. However, it isn’t going to be a literal assault on your ears or at least not overly so. The YouTuber expresses his fiery rage towards the Google-owned video-sharing platform for deleting his video "YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END". Now, CarryMinati is back with producer Wily Frenzy in the “Yalgaar” mode to teach the haters a lesson. And CarryMinati’s fans absolutely lost it. They’re hailing it as a “masterpiece”.

To be honest, there’s nothing really special about the rapping, but the lyrics are where it’s at. CarryMinati indirectly accuses Amit Siddiqui of doing wrong things but still playing the victim card by using the TikTok’s star silhouette. However, the fans seem to be excited about this “rivalry”, as long as they get doses of funny memes and jokes out of it. 

Dhruv Rathee and Kunal Kamra 'Features' in Carry Minati's Video
Dhruv Rathee and Kunal Kamra appeared in CarryMinati's Video

 There is fun disclaimer posted below CarryMinati's Yalgaar video, which states: "Please don't go out of your way to or hate on anyone I talk about in my videos, this channel is to entertain people, and I usually focus on joking about what the people are doing not the individual themselves, please don't go spreading hate it's all for laughs." Okay, cool.

CarryMinati Yalgaar fans
CarryMinati receives massive support from the community
CarryMinati Yalgaar fans goosebumps
Fans claim that "Yalgaar" actually gives them goosebumps
CarryMinati Yalgaar fans funny
The funny memes go on
CarryMinati Yalgaar fans hyped
Everyone is so hyped over "Yalgaar" on Twitter