In a strange turn of event, we have the chance to see PUBG Mobile in real life. One PUBG enthusiast named Jeffrey Dweller from Florida has scored one easy frag with his frying pan.

On Halloween – October 31, the 31-year-old PUBG Mobile fan decided to put on an impressive costume. He wielded the iconic level 3 helmet together with a frying pan on his way to a party with friends.

Pubg Player Stop Thief 01 4a5e_wm
Jeffrey Dweller was on his way to a party with friends

On his way out, Jeffrey heard shouting from Eric Holland, the victim of one bike theft. The thief took away Eric’s bike and quickly ran got away. However, Jeffrey was more than ready with his pan in hand, swinging hard to stop the thief without hesitation.

That was more than enough to prevent the crime. The thief was then arrested and punished well in jail.

Pubg Player Stop Thief 02 6c24_wm
Did the helmet 3 increase 300% Brave? Jeffrey Dweller was quick with his decision

According to words from Eric Holland, he found out that the thief was tampering with his bike. He quickly realized what was happening and started shouting. But it was too late, the thief had already torn the chain lock apart and quickly drove away.

Obviously, the thief did the crime with preparation beforehand. Unlucky for him, he met a real-life PUBG Mobile player.

Pubg Player Stop Thief 03 E2be_wm
What is the scariest thing on Halloween for a thief? A PUBG Mobile player.

When approached by a news reporter, Jeffrey recalled the story vividly. He also explained his iconic costume when coming to his friends’ party. Jeffrey even did some PUBG Mobile poses with his pan. What a man of culture!

Pubg Player Stop Thief 04 1720_wm
A pan can be a PUBG Mobile player's best loot, especially in real life!

While there are still many stories about the harmful effects of gaming, more news about the good deeds of gamers has come out. Though their acts are minor, they are enough to put a smile on our face as gamers.