Chinese media reported on September 19's evening, a young girl was splashed with a bucket full of fecal matter and waste by a stranger. The cause is attributed to personal revenge. The incident went viral after the victim herself posted a series of arguments on social networks.

The incident took place in the busiest commercial area of ​​the Xinyi District in Taipei, Taiwan at about 10:00 pm. A young girl was hanging out in this area when she was suddenly approached from behind by a man wearing a cap and a mask. He dumped the bucket of the waste straight down her head. Then the man ran away from the scene.

Photo 1
The poor young girl was covered in fecal matter

The girl was decimated as her entire body was covered in fecal matter and waste. Her hair, clothes, and shoes drowned in the brownish substance. A strong stench rose across the Xinyi area. Some passersby bought several water bottles to help the poor victim to rinse off her body.

After the initial investigation, the local police determined this young girl, surnamed Khau, is only 21 years old. She did not know the man who threw the bucket of waste on her. She herself did not want to make a fuss about what happened, so she voluntarily left the scene. However, the disgusting attack took place right in a crowded public space, the police still need to investigate further to find the identity and motives of the mysterious man.

Photo 2
Some kind passersby stopped and bought her water to rinse off

On September 22, the ETToday website reported that the police arrested a suspect named Kha related to the incident. Kha said that he and Ms. Khau had a personal conflict 2 or 3 months ago. At that time, Kha went to a bar in Xinyi and was mocked for being too short. For a side note, Kha is only 1m6 high.

The suspect was captured by a nearby store's camera

Both narcissistic and furious, Kha decided to throw waste at Ms. Khau after months of preparing. He mixed his own manure with kitchen feces and waste, then stalked and dumped it on Khau. Upon hearing the testimony of Kha through the media, Ms. Khau immediately posted a series of criticisms directed at the attacker on the social network. She claimed to start operating the bar in August this year and did not know Kha nor criticize the height of others.

The victim also demanded Kha to kneel down and apologize to her and the entire bar staff, cleaning staff and hundreds of passersby witnessed the incident.  Currently, the incident is still under further investigation by the police.

Photo 4
Ms. Khau denies all claims, saying she just started working at the bar

If what Ms. Khau said is the truth, then the attacker has no personal motives to dump that bucket of waste on her. Maybe he just did it because he felt like it, or mistook her for someone else. But after all, he still chose perhaps the most disgusting way to play revenge on others. Just the idea of storing a person's own feces for months is creepy enough. Kha will subject to severe punishment for attacking others both physically and mentally.