According to a report, a unique incident of a thief writing a love letter to the house owner has taken place in Wuhan, Hubei, China. Reading the sweet message in this letter, we all first think about the author that may fall in love with a girl but he can’t reach her. It is a pity that our two lead characters didn’t have such a close relationship.

Thief Left Love Letter
The portrait of the thief from Hubei.

The story began as the girl, also known as the victim in this incident, came home from work and surprisingly realized that her house was messed up, food in the fridge suddenly disappeared, and even yogurt containers were open. It was obvious that her house had welcomed an uninvited guest, a thief, and she immediately called the police for help.

Love Letter
The love letter he sent to the beautiful house owner.

At the scene, the police officers rapidly realized that a piece of paper was folded carefully on the table. After opening the paper and reading the content, both the police and the victim got a big shock due to the thief’s daydream.

The letter, of course, was written in Chinese and it basically pointed out that the thief fell in love with the house owner. On April 13, 2017, he had visited her house but the door was locked and nobody was at home. He invaded the house from the back door. This time, he came there with the hope to stay with her but the result always made him disappointed.

Letter From Thief

Via the letter, the thief also revealed that he grabbed 100 Chinese yuan (about Rs 1,056) before returning to Beijing. He even left his phone number so that the girl could call him, of course, if she remembered him. The last sentence in the letter emphasized that he would love only her in his all life.

After an investigation, the police officers almost had no difficulties to determine the identification of the “thief in love”. The guy was 33 years old and came from Xiaogan Shi, Hubei. Additionally, he has made a criminal record for petty theft.

Thief Love Letter
Not all love stories have a happy ending.

According to his statement, after breaking into the house, the thief accidentally saw photos of the beautiful host. That’s why he decided to write some flirting words for her. He also said that he then felt upset about the divorce with his wife. And it’s not hard to guess that the phone number and the detail about returning to Beijing just aimed to distract the detectives.

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