While the COVID-19 pandemic has kept spreading across the world, staying at home and following YouTubers and streamers have been a new spiritual meal of many people. And one of the hottest topics is food channels that provide lots of cooking at home videos - a good choice for homebound people. Accordingly, many YouTubers including the beautiful YouTuber in the following incident follow a new trend in which content creators teach viewers how to cook via videos while their faces are completely hidden.

Cook Guide

In such videos, all the viewers watch, apart from food, is their big sexy boobs. However, too much is never good and the recent incident of a YouTuber from Hong Kong is an example.

Gcup Kitchen

Hong Kong Youtuber

Like any other YouTuber, this girl also looks so sultry, especially when she has super large breasts. It is a pity that the netizens have got too familiar with something like that. As a piece of evidence, although she has created her own YouTube channel called G-Cup Kitchen for several weeks, the indexes on her channel haven’t shown any sign of increasing considerably.

G Cup Kitchen

Youtuber Hk

Her viewers now seem to feel tired of watching her sexy breasts and yummy food time and again. And what comes will come. On the comment box below the videos, a large number of viewers frankly give comments requiring the YouTuber to show off her face. Some say that they are willing to support her, even when she is not too beautiful.


Youtuber Gcup Kitchen

Meanwhile, many declare that they will never subscribe or follow her channel until she reveals her beauty. That’s why after nearly one month, the YouTuber has just attracted about 1,000 subscribers - a modest number.

At present, the female YouTuber hasn’t given any response. She has kept creating many new videos with the same content as she does.

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