The number of coronavirus cases has already shot up to 60 in just a few days, and already a fatality may have occurred. A 76-year-old man, Mohammed Hussain Siddiq, a native of Kalaburagi, Karnataka had died. He was being treated for symptoms that greatly resembled those of the COVID-19 disease.

Coronavirus patient dies cases spike to 60
India is more and more in the coronavirus atmosphere as cases keep rising

Health officials in the state so far have denied that COVID-19 led to his death since tests haven't confirmed the cause yet. They also would like to not create panic at this stage when the coronavirus scare is already gripping the country.

"His sample for Covid -19 has been collected and sent for testing. The media is requested to help the government in creating awareness and not creating panic," a Karnataka health department senior official says in a statement.

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Nothing is confirmed so far because we are still waiting for official tests

The samples of the deceased man will receive rigorous testing at Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute's Virus Research and Diagnostic Laboratory. Ways to fully determine the cause of his death would use throat swabs as a priority.

Could India soon announce 1st coronavirus death?

The Deputy Commissioner of Kalaburagi said the man's death has not yet been confirmed to have been the result of COVID-19. Siddiq received treatment at Kalaburagi for three days for coronavirus-like symptoms. Then his family moved him to Hyderabad for additional treatment.

Doctors and medical workers might have to start working extremely hard very soon

"Symptomatic treatment was given to him, their family decided to shift to Hyderabad," said the Deputy Commissioner. He also said that Siddiq died while on the way back from Hyderabad in critical conditions.

"His samples and blood have been taken and sent to National Institute of Virology, Bangalore. But reports have still not been received. It (death due to Covid-19) is not confirmed but only suspected," the Commissioner said.

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We could start seeing exponential rise in cases in the future

Tests have not confirmed the cause of Siddiq's death just yet. But based on the similar symptoms and the rate at which the virus spreads, it might only be a matter of time to find out coronavirus already caused the first fatality in India.

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