On Sunday, the coronavirus death toll in Italy has increased by 368 for a total of 1,809. This daily increase in fatalities is the worst that been recorded so far, which is higher than China's highest number of 254. The current number of cases of the coronavirus in Italy has also exceeded that of China's, while Italy's death toll is now more than half of what China recorded.

From Twitter: So many deaths in Italy that coffins have to be put in a church and there's almost no space left.

The total number of cases has also risen by 3,590 up to a total of 24,747 in the country. Even though Italy is one of the countries that took the most aggressive measure to contain the virus other than China, the number of new cases and deaths keeps increasing exponentially.

Italy has imposed travel restrictions internationally and nationally, bans on any kind of public gathering, and closed down retailers that do not sell essential items.

The coronavirus situation in Italy

The situation in Italy keeps worsening even as medical equipment are running out and medics are pushed to the limit. Even in Italy's most industrialized and wealthy region, Lombardy, hospitals have had to deny new patients. This is despite the region having the best-equipped healthcare system and technology in all of Italy.

coronavirus italy doctor
A health worker in front of a makeshift structure for treating coronavirus in Lombardy, Italy

There has been a constant shortage of intensive care beds and respirators for patients in critical conditions. Health workers don't have enough masks working in highly contagious and dangerous environments.

"We are close to the point where we will no longer be able to resuscitate people because we will be out of intensive care unit beds," Attilio Fontana, the governor of Lombardy, said. "We need those machines (doctors) use to ventilate lungs, artificial respirators that unfortunately we cannot find".

"As soon as those respirators arrive from abroad, we will be ready to go on the attack," said Fontana

coronavirus san siro milan
The famous San Siro stadium in Milan is completely empty, save for a boy on a bike

While one of the most developed countries in Europe is pushed to the brink, we should think about what this could mean for India. The heat in India is an advantage compared to other countries, but taking into account all the other disadvantages, we must be extremely cautious!

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