Does the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, have a symptom that makes patients want to lose sanity and bite someone to death like a zombie virus, or, is the effect of quarantining and social distancing turning us a little bit crazy?

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People used to joke about coronavirus and zombies, but it's not just a joke anymore

Whatever the cause of our collective madness is, it managed to completely take over a Tamil Nadu man from the Theni district, who killed an old woman just a couple of streets away from biting her to death.

Coronavirus -> Zombie virus?

The 34 year old TN man, whose name is Manikandan, returned from Sri Lanka and was put under home quarantine. He ran out of his home last Friday, completely naked, and bit the old woman named Natchiammal in the throat. Natchiammal was sleeping outside her house at the time.

TN man breaks quarantine, runs naked, bites woman to death
People continue to break quarantine and even do things like this

According to the police of Bodinayakkanur in Theni district, "Manikandan had returned from Sri Lanka. He was home-quarantined. But on Friday, he ran out naked and bit the throat of an aged woman living two streets away."

Local police said the man came back to India a week ago, was thought to be "mentally disturbed" after being put under quarantine for COVID-19 precautions. That didn't last very long after he ran out on Friday and killed an old lady, who died of her wounds in the hospital the day after.

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Let's hope the man is just mentally ill and not just showing zombie symptoms

Neighbors heard her cries and tried to rescue her and subdue the crazed man, but could only succeed with the latter. He was then handed over to authorities. Manikandan was taken to a government hospital and tested for coronavirus infection.

Doctors also looked into the more concerning aspect of his health, his mental health. Police found no previous animosity between Manikandan or his family and the woman's family. Regardless, they have registered a case for investigations.

Home-quarantined TN man runs out naked, fatally bites elderly ...
In the meantime, stay inside to prevent things like this from happening to you

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