As we probably knew already, one famous streamer’s support can change another’s popularity overnight. One such streamer, Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, famous for the game Fortnite: Battle Royale, recently helped a junior Youtube streamer to gain approximately two thousand subscribers the previous night after he live-streamed a random match when he played in duos with the boy. CouRage then went to the boy’s stream, at which he saw him crying, seemingly due to excitement after playing with such a famous public figure, and for gaining so many subscribers in such a short span of time.

Later, an image of that moment was shared by CouRage. The young boy, who has taken the name ‘Oscar Steel’, was sitting in front of his mother while she asked him “are you happy?” as he burst into tears and expressed his gratitude for CouRage for the sheer number of new subscribers he was getting. “I can’t believe this is real,” exclaimed Oscar afterward. “This is arguably my favorite moment ever on stream,” wrote CouRage after the stream ended. “Raw emotion from him and his mom. Happy tears.”

Courage Competitive Fortnite

Taken from another tweet from CouRage, the noise of a Discord call during the video is because apparently Oscar “had friends calling him all freaking out. You can see in the chat messages on Epic that they were going nuts.”

A lot of CouRage’s fellow streamers and people from the Fortnite gaming community gave him praised for this action.

The VOD of Oscar Steel’s live stream  featuring CouRage has been published by the boy and entitled “The day CouRageJD changed my life.” As of this moment, Oscar has exactly 1,976  subscribers, and he said that he has won more than 275 times in Fortnite.

He Had To Apologize To A Fellow Pubg Player After
Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek

This is once again another great action from famous streamers trying to increase the reputation of talented but small players. Other cases of big streamers showing support to such players were Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, as he once donated $250 after hearing a guitar solo to the young performer, and Mizkif as he helped Ewokttv, a 13-year-old deaf girl streaming Fortnite, to obtain hundreds of subscribers on Twitch.

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