America’s one of the most affected countries by the Coronavirus pandemic. The nation now has recorded nearly 13,00,000 positive cases and over 76,000 deaths. The U.S economy goes downhill as in other parts of the world, and companies are finding ways to combat the impacts. A solution arises - working online. 

Like many other fellows Americans, Cara Fields and her husband were forced to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea seems harmless, even partially intriguing since they don’t have to leave the comfort behind. However, reality strikes, especially when your husband has a mind for fun. 

Zoom Photo Bombing 2
It started out simple...

Not only do Cara and her husband have to help their children study, but they also have to deal with many challenges at home. Cara’s working as a Marketing Manager at Elanco - an Indiana-based animal health company. She says that the pressures of life and work are definitely doubling!

So Cara's husband decided to help his wife and colleagues relax with a pretty funny idea. After Cara shared photos of her husband on LinkedIn, they immediately became viral. Cara told Bored Panda that he liked to wear silly costumes to embarrass her. So when she turned her dining room into her home office, he found a great way to “put on a show” for his lovely wife.

Zoom Photo Bombing 3
Watch out! A serial killer's in the house

At first, Cara's husband only used the items available at home, such as cowboy hats or ugly Hawaiian shirts. But the joke gradually escalated into something interesting! The couple’s friends and colleagues started sending them a bunch of Halloween costumes. And Cara’s husband just went to town with them. 

As it turned out, not only Cara’s colleagues loved her husband’s silly antics, people on LinkedIn did, too. It must be weird seeing coworkers laughing their heart out when you’re presenting. Then you turned around and notice something silly is going on.

photobomb wife 4
What's the jungle man doing in the house
Zoom Photo Bombing 5
There Waldo is
Zoom Photo Bombing 6
It's Morphin Time!
Zoom Photo Bombing 7
I guess Batman has to stay inside too