The Chhappak actress Deepika Padukone has proven that she is not only a talented and beautiful actress but also a comedian with her latest photo. Recently, Deepika just did some photoshoots for the ELLE fashion magazine, posing on a beach. The actress looks beautiful as she has always been with her photos.

However, she later used a photo in the collection and added a broom in her hand, making it look super funny. It's clear that she finds her pose in the picture looks pretty weird and mocks it with an edited photo.

Deepikapadukone Broom 1
Deepika Padukone poses on a beach for ELLE magazine with her hands lift up

Deepikapadukone Broom 6

Deepikapadukone Broom
Deepika Padukone makes fun of her own picture and put a broom in her hand

Her fans find it absolutely hilarious and soon many people have quickly created their own meme based on her original photos. Let's take a look at the few versions of Deepika Padukone in the pictures below.

Deepikapadukone Broom 2
Deepika Padukone is trying hard to hold on to the handle on the bus

Deepikapadukone Broom 3
Don't mind Deepika Padukone, she is just doing her own thing on the beach

Deepikapadukone Broom 4
A regular sight in India, Deepika Padukone must be really good at traveling by train with her pose

Deepikapadukone Broom 5
These mangos are ripened, it is time for Deepika Padukone to strike again with her pose to check them

If there is anything Deepika Padukone can do better than acting then it is how she surprises her fans. The recent video of Kartik Aaryan Pushing Her Against The Wall has made the fans gone "aww" for the cuteness of her and the sweet moment between the two. You can check out more about it here in our article: Deepika Padukone Is Extremely Shy With Kartik Aaryan Pushing Her Against The Wall!

Deepika Padukone is currently working on the remake of the 2015 movie “The Intern” and another movie from Shakun Batra.