Last year, Blizzard mentioned that it had “multiple Diablo projects” in the works, and it seems like one of those projects is well on the way. Following recent reports that a Starcraft FPS game was canceled in favor of Diablo 4, the developer is now recruiting 2 more positions for a Diablo game: A lead concept artist and a lead character artist. Moreover, it’s likely that at least part of the game is already in a somewhat developed state, as Diablo 4 has been reportedly been shown to certain Blizzard employees.

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Diablo 4 has been already been shown to certain Blizzard employees?

The job adverts say that Blizzard is working on an “unannounced Diablo project” and require applicants to have extensive knowledge of the Diablo universe. Considering that both roles being recruited for are essential to the development of a game right from the beginning, it’s reasonable to assume that this project is still pretty young. However, another source suggests that this is not the case.

According to a new story Le Monde, a respected French newspaper – which was translated and shared by an individual nicknamed Damien on the forum IcyVeins – certain development teams at Blizzard Entertainment have already had a glimpse at the long-anticipated Diablo 4 through a presentation. Additionally, a new Overwatch game is also reportedly under development. However, neither game will be ready before 2020 at the very least.

Diablo 4 Message
The message translated by Damien on IcyVeins

So, if the article is to be believed, Diablo 4 is already in a decent state, at least one good enough to be shown to others. Whether the 2 job vacancies that Blizzard is looking to fill are related to this game or another project altogether is still unclear, but we can hope that Diablo 4 is well and truly on its way. Maybe more information will be revealed at BlizzCon this year.

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Hopefully we will hear more about Diablo 4 at BlizzCon this year

In any case, all we can do at the moment is simply sit back and wait for an official announcement from the developer.