After a 2-month test phase, the Discord game store is now available to people all over the world. With the release of the new Discord version today, the new Nitro Subscription and Game Store can be found at the home app. The Discord game store brings to gamers a small lineup of games at launch, like Frostpunk, Subnautica, Celeste, etc. Plus, there are some other games that launch first on Discord, and not available on the other platforms.

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This is a move from Discord to integrate more and more gaming aspect to the chat platform. As Jason Citron, CEO and co-founder of the company said in an interview:

Discord game store-2
Some games currently available only on Discord

Of course, to some people, Discord is trying to bite more than what they can chews. Especially when there are a lot of giant gaming stores on the internet at the moment: Steam, Origin,, etc. But people from the company are really confident about the success of the game store, based on the current number of users they have. Sure, Discord has the advantage of users, but the things that matter now is how many existing users will use the new features.

Discord Game Store-1
The current line-up of games from Discord Game Store

On the plus side, the pages from the game store are very clear, with a detailed description, bullet-point list of features, system requirements and more. The current library of games is small, but the list will be updated more and more as time goes on. Meanwhile, the Nitro program is like Discord's version of Origin Access, allow subscribers to access 60 games on the library. The line up of games for the Nitro program will be rotated regularly, in order to "keep the library" fresh. But even when the games got rotated out, save data will still remain in the cloud. This subscription model will cost users 10$ per month. There also is the regular nitro option, which brings custom emotes and larger files upload for 5 USD per month.

For now, let's see how will Discord fare against all other big names on the market.