Disha Patani is still quite active on her Instagram during the COVID-19 lockdown in India. As the queen of fashion and beauty in India, her post can easily go viral as her fans are always eager to see the latest post of her.

Disha Patani is often seen with a different style that stands out her glamorous beauty and confidence

Disha Patani 4

Recently, Disha Patani just shared with the fans on her Instagram 2 news photos of her with a completely new style.

Normally, Disha Patani often parts her bang to the side to show her forehead in photos and they really showed her strong personality and confidence. Her hair also usually has lots of strong curves with a dark red-golden color.

But with these 2 pictures, Disha Patani has shown a new side of her. She keeps her hair natural with bangs and no dye, making her somewhat looks like a young naive girl instead of a famous Bollywood actress. She combines the hairstyle with a strap striped crop-top and a dark blue high-slit leather skirt.

Disha Patani 1
Disha Patani changed her hair into a more natural style with bangs

Disha Patani

Fans were astounded by this new look and they absolutely love it. The post was quickly filled with praise from fans as she is still sexy as hell.

Disha Patani has also made a throwback post on Instagram with a scene of her from the set of movie Malang in 2020. In the post, she was seen with a white pink bikini while posing next to a giant kite. Malang is a crime thriller movie where Aditya Roy Kapur and Disha Patani played as serial killers. The movie was directed by Mohit Suri.

Disha Patani 3
Disha Patani made a throwback post on her Instagram

Check out some photos of Disha Patani below.

Disha Patani 5

Disha Patani 6

Disha Patani 7

Disha Patani 8

Disha Patani 9

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