Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff were rumored to be in a relationship after the two met each other and finds their success after Baaghi 2. And while both they haven't confirmed anything about it yet, they are more into making fans go 'aww' for how cute they look together.

Disha Patani Tiger Shroff Birthday Dance 2
There are both rumors on their dating and their break-up, but they admitted none of them.

Yesterday was the birthday of Tiger Shroff - the actor of Heropanti with Kriti Sanon and the star of Baaghi (2016) and Baaghi 2 (2018). And of course, the partner that acted with incredible chemistry with him in Baaghi 2 - Disha Patani - didn't forget to give her friend a solid 'Happy Birthday', calling him her 'Baagh'!

Disha Patani Tiger Shroff Birthday Dance 7
Disha Patani will also take part in Baaghi 3 in a special appearance

Let's see which words has Disha Patani spent to give Tiger Shroff the best wishes with Gurugamer below:

Disha Patani on Tiger Shroff's birthday: "Thank you for being so difficult to match"

On Tiger Shroff's birthday, the lead actress of the Bollywood action movie Malang - Disha Patani has uploaded a video of her practicing dancing with her alleged boyfriend. That was a throwback at the time Disha and Tiger practiced for the dance of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif's Bang Bang song.

You can see it here:

Specifically, this video is the first time Disha and Tiger getting on the dance floor together. Disha looks absolutely gorgeous and sexy with a crop top showcasing her slim tummy, as well as the black leggings to tone her hourglass body. Their dance is sensational, as they even gave out their best facial expressions while it's just a practicing stage.

Disha Patani Tiger Shroff Birthday Dance 8

Disha is soaring in popularity after Baaghi 2 and MalangOn the caption, Disha Patani has hilariously praised her partner as the "frightening to dance next to", and "difficult to match up to" after expressing that she's very nervous and shy back then. That's the reason for her humble attitude, stating that she couldn't give out her best performances.

Disha Patani Tiger Shroff Birthday Dance 3
What a cute comment from Disha Patani

You can see the original MV of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif here for the reference:

In the end, Disha said happy birthday to her "Baagh" and didn't forget to wish the best for his upcoming movie "Baaghi 3", where Tiger will reunite with Shraddha Kapoor. Tiger is extremely touched by Disha's words, and expressed his gratitude with the Malang actress with praising her cutesy.

Disha Patani Tiger Shroff Birthday Dance 5
"So cute, thank u D" - Tiger Shroff replied to her post

On the working side, Disha Patani will take part in KTina as the leading role. The movie is currently under filming progress and will come out to Indian cinemas in 2020.