After the attack on Capitol Hill on January 06, many social networks have banned the 45th US President Donald Trump.

It takes as no surprise as two of the most popular social networks including Facebook and Twitter made a decision to ban Trump out of their platforms. However, many feel unbelievable to learn that Pinterest does the same thing to the former President.

Fox News
A graphic by Fox News.

A few days ago, Fox News showed a graphic to reveal the list of platforms that have restricted or banned President Donald Trump. Accordingly, both Facebook and Twitter issued a permanent ban on him on Friday, January 08.

Like many other social networks, YouTube and Twitch rapidly restrict his activities on their platforms. It worth noting that amongst these platforms, Pinterest is also available on Fox News’s graphic.

It is said that while people in the United States coped with stress, anxiety, and fear due to the presidential election in November, Pinterest started to block some hashtags such as #SharpieGate or #StopTheSteal in a bid to prevent the misinformation from spreading on the Internet.

However, the reason behind a lot of attention to Donald Trump’s getting banned on Pinterest is because the former President even has no account on this platform. Pinterest may feel responsible to prevent his harmful movements before he has any intention to be its new member.

The netizens obviously have had the fun of this fact in recent days. And some popular platforms such as TikTok don’t miss this chance to mock Mr. President.

A few months ago, Donald Trump planned to issue a ban on TikTok in the US and hoped a US company, for example, Microsoft, could buy it. However, things didn’t happen as expected, and the ban was then removed.

Pinterest Ban Trump
Netizens wonders who can be banned by Pinterest?

At present, the situation is reversed. This time, Donald Trump is banned by TikTok itself. Apart from TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter, even Google has given some restrictions to the President. It is obvious that Snapchat and Spotify aren’t outsiders.

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