This week can hardly be more shocking for the gaming community starting with Microsoft axing Mixer, followed by a mass ban on Twitch.

When gamers pay most of their attention to the well-known streamer, Dr DisRespect, being evicted from Twitch, the rest of the world was stunned to learn that the streaming platform also announced a temporary ban on Donald Trump, the President of the United States.

Twitch banned Donald Trump
Twitch banned Donald Trump

According to Twitch, the reason behind this decision was hateful conduct and that its Community Guidelines and rules exclude no one, even the president.

Why Twitch Banned Donald Trump, According To Rod 'Slasher' Breslau

Twitch banned Donald Trump 1
Donald Trump was banned over "hateful conduct"

Here is the statement issued by Twitch regarding the ban:

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When spoke to FOX Business about the streaming platform banning Donald Trump, Rod Breslau, a prominent eSports journalist, and broadcaster said:

Twitch banned Donald Trump 2
Twitch wants to treat everyone on the platform equally

As stated by Breslau, the streaming platform wanted to be fair to all of its users by making a comparison saying that SimpLord69 and President of the United States and would be treated just the same.

Twitch’s Purge Against Harassment

The ban was announced only a week after Twitch waged a war against harassment in its community, in answer to assault reports from streamers. This might be a sign of the streaming platform taking moderation more seriously. On other sites, the racist languages Trump used and was banned for are still allowed as he is the US president and a politician.

Twitch has also announced permanent bans in answer to allegations. The most shocking ban so far was imposed on Dr DisRespect, one of Twitch’s most popular streamers.

Drdisrespect banned from Twitch
Twitch doesn't say why it banned Dr Disrespect

The platform refuses to elaborate on why the popular streamer was banned as there is no public accusation against him. Dr Disrespect also said he had no idea why his channel disappeared. Trump campaign’s page on the streaming platform was launched in October to broadcast events and rallies.

Minutes before the streaming platform announced its ban on Trump, Reddit made a similar move by banning several subreddits, with r/The_Donald included, for harassment. While the Twitch channel is directly connected to the president, r/The_Donald isn’t.