If you want to know how much the e-sport landscape in India has boomed in the last few years, take a look at the local events hosted by the giants in the industry.

Dhw15 Lan 2
2018 Indian DreamHack

A chance for you is around the corner this weekend. That event is DeamHack. If you think DraemHack is another typical e-sport or expo, you should recalibrate your expectation.

This event is unlike anything you know. Its primary focus is still the games, but this time, the event is set up like a LAN party, according to Akshat Rathee, NODWIN Gaming’s CEO. Rathee said that real interactions, which have been forgotten for so long, is now back on track.

To realize that vision, the space in the middle of the hall is now for the crowds to gather to watch a tournament showing on a big screen.

Dreamhack Winter Thelootzilla 4
A big screen to watch tournaments

On the side, there are 600 seats for a LAN party with computer setups. This area is a heart of the event, and it is called BYOC, meaning bring your own computer. All the places in this area have been occupied for three days straight.

Dreamhack 1280
A huge LAN party with 600 seats

The BYOC is for hardcore gamers to spend the next 72 hours co-operate and compete in the fun created by DJs and cosplay events.

However, any type of gamers will surely find something they like here. When the pros have their own challenges to compete, there are the competitions for amateurs to engage in.

Gaming, cosplaying, DJs, you name it

The event aims at Indian folks, so there are a large number of gamers who take part in games like PUBG mobile or Sachin Saga. Retro lovers can find themselves satisfied with PacMan, Monopoly, and Contra.

The hosts want to do more in this event, but they could not get the permission to do, an area with sleeping bags for example. However, we have the upcoming years to look forward to, with improvements and more attendees to welcome.