After Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto was rejected by the major networks, Amazon, HBO, and Netflix, Jack Black decided to become a gaming Youtuber. He actually showed up in E3 2019 on stage with his 13-year-old son Sammy and his video producer Taylor Stephens to talk about his Youtube channel Jablinski Games. In fact, he even pulled his son out of school early to attend E3 with him that day. What a father he is.

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Jack Black admitted that he had a high expectation for Post-Apocalypto. While the movie didn't succeed he still hopes that maybe people will like it in the future.

Tenacious D Post Apocalypto
The animated movie didn't succeed

As for Jablinski Games, his son actually wanted to create a gaming Youtube channel with him playing games long ago. Of course, at first Jack Black didn't join his son because of the reason that "I was very protective of my brand,” and he was focusing on Post-Apocalypto at the time. After the flop of the movie, he started to think about his son idea and launch the Youtube channel in December 2018. The first Youtube video they uploaded was a big hit. He was extremely surprised because somehow the channel gained 250,000 subs after the first upload while the video they made was just for fun. Jack Black then immediate called Taylor Stephens and asked him for help. You can check out his first video below.

Jablinski Games is the latest Youtube channel that was created by a Hollywood star, joining with his actor fellow Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson. The channel even surpassed The Rock channel with 4 million subs in just 6 months and it is still increasing.

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Will Smith in Youtube Rewind 2018