Elon Musk appears to turn his promise into true as he has produced short shorts to mark his latest success and to forewarn investors who didn’t bet on Tesla. This kind of product was first released on July 05 along with lots of branded clothing products that have been discounted on Tesla’s online store.

Elon Musk Short Shorts
The Tesla CEO mocks short-sellers via the latest product.

On his Twitter, Elon Musk promoted that limited edition short shorts are worth at only $69.420 (about Rs 5,200). It seems that the figure alludes to the price of $420 (Rs 31,500) per stock the Tesla CEO considered to turn his company into a private company in 2018. At that time, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Elon Musk and Tesla with fraud, and as a result, the CEO and his company suffered from great damage.

Right after Elon Musk posted the first tweet to introduce the new short shorts, Tesla’s online shopping page couldn’t temporarily handle all of the orders for this product.

Musk seems to mock short sellers of Tesla stocks via the name of “short shorts”.

S3xy Shorts
Limited edition S3XY shorts.

In 2020, the Tesla stocks have increased up to 189%, leading to this company becoming the largest car manufacturer on Earth, even larger than Toyota. Tesla has also surpassed the capitalization of many giants such as Disney, Cosco, Exxon Mobile, and Coke.

Tesla Short Shorts

At the time of becoming the most valuable car manufacturer on the Earth, Tesla has welcome the 10-year ceremony after IPO. 10 years ago, the company offered shares at a price of $17 per share, higher than the price before IPO of $14-$16 per share.

Since the IPO, Tesla has never experienced a full year to make a profit. Until now, the company has reported 07 profitable quarters, the first quarter was Quarter I 2013. At present, it has had 03 consecutive quarters of profits.

The soaring of Tesla stocks also helps Elon Musk reach the KPI that was set out earlier and receive a huge paycheck worth $750 million for his contributions to boost the company’s market value.

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