The Outer World is the brainchild of Fallout’s creator and Fallout: New Vegas’s developers. It is more like RPG but there is a looter shooter twist to it too. The game sports a solar system that players can explore as they want, a complex storyline, combat that can be modified, and single player mode only.

That much sneak peek is enough to stir the curiosity of any gamer so here is all you need to know about the upcoming The Outer World:

It Is Scheduled To Be Released This August

Tow Roseway Combat 001
It might be released in August

Thanks to a leak on Steam Store, the releasing date of The Outer World is made public, which is the 6th of August, 2019.

Not everyone will believe this information entirely but you have to admit that a launch in summer is a reasonable thing to do, especially when some of its potential rivals will be out at later dates, which means it is best for the Outer World to avoid a head-on competition. However, Obsidian has not made any announcement on the official releasing date nor the leak, so this might be a sign of a change in plan.

It Will Be On PC, Xbox One, PS4, And Switch Might Be In The Picture Too

The Outer Worlds Obsidian Entertainment
It will be coming to many platforms

Obsidian Entertainment is now under Microsoft and in E3 last year, Microsoft announced that the studio would produce games for its platform only, which is now called Xbox Project Scarlett. This is why many think that The Outer World will not come to PS4.

However, the game changer here is the fact that The Outer World is the project that the studio had been developing long before Microsoft showed up and offer an acquisition that the studio said yes to, which is an assurance that the game will be on more than just Microsoft-owned platforms.

For now, it will be on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for sure. For the Nintendo-developed platform, Tim Cain did not confirm nor deny the possibility of The Outer World coming to Switch.

Epic Games Store Has Exclusive Right To Distribute The Outer World

The Outer Worlds
It will be coming on Epic Games Store

At the Game Developers Conference 2019, Obsidian Entertainment and Epic Games announced that The Outer World will be found on the Epic Games Store only.

This might not be a big difference for gamers but at least we have an assurance that the developers have a bigger portion of the profit the game yields, a kind of benefit that Valve has not yet offered. Gamers are required to download the Epic Games Store client but that is not a big deal either, and you have a free game every month so there is no reason to not do so.

The Trailer For The Game Is Filled With Comedy, Action, And Sci-Fi

The trailer has done a good job stirring the mass and kindling their interest for the upcoming release. From what it tells us, the story will go like this, players get out of their cryogenic sleep to find themselves in the middle of an evil plan to eradicate the Halcyon colony.

As The Outer World has a complex storyline, players get to decide how the story goes next, an Obsidian’s quintessential thing to do.

A Demo Shows More About The Game

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Players get to decide how the story goes

Right after the trailer, there was a 15-minute demo showing The Outer World in action. Despite its brief time, you can still form an idea of what to expect in the upcoming title, which includes the comedy-like twist that weaves through the whole gameplay and the first person fight.

Viewers can also see for themselves how the characters playing with the NPC. It shows just two of them but Obsidian said that players can recruit more, even modify and kill them if you choose to do so. This demo looks promising enough for us to count on the future of The Outer World, so it might be safe to say that it will definitely be out no later than this year.

Obsidian Answered Questions About The Outer World

The video above records the 131 answers of Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky to questions about The Outer World, from the overall information to the more detailed ones like frame rate. It is worth checking out as it reveals a lot more about The Outer World and gives you a general idea of what to expect from the game.

The Outer World’s Lead Developer Is Also The Men Behind Fallout

Both Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are big names in the gaming industry and The Outer World is their very first title as lead directors. Some of their work is Diablo 3, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, and Fallout.

This much talent in The Outer World means it is possible that we might be looking at the next classic tile of RPG. As the game has not been released yet, anything can happen so do not get your hopes up just yet. However, with what they have achieved during their career, the appearance of both Cain and Boyarsky is kind of reassurance that The Outer World has something worth waiting for.

The Game Will Be Kind Of An Open World But Not Entirely

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It is not entirely an open world

For The Outer World’s environment, the game will lean toward the Borderlands side rather than that of Fallout. The game will be divided into zones which players can explore freely while what we have in Fallout is a large scale open world. This information was announced by Obsidian itself in a talk with RPGSite.

According to Megan Starks, Obsidian’s Senior Narrative Designer, the studio wanted to create single-player-centric gameplay but it would not deprive players the chance of exploring the surrounding environment. All players had to do was to get the ship and then they got to travel over different locations. As they finish missions or make purchases, they have access to even more content.

Another feature that The Outer World shares with Borderlands is a large amount of loot the game will have, which gives players even more chances to customize the way they want to.