Soram is a beautiful Korean streamer who is very famous on Twitch. She often makes fans and followers go nut with her mind-blowing looks on her live-stream. Recently, she continued to take a storm on the internet with her sexy maid cosplay. Check it out here with

Sexy Maid Cosplay Of F-Cup Korean Streamer Soram

Soram is very famous in the Korean live-stream community with sweet and sexy beauty. Moreover, she has a super hot body shape with sultry curves. A few days ago, Soram cosplayed a maid on her broadcast. Especially, there is a big hole in the chest area of the dress that revealed a large part of her boobs.

Sonam 11
Soram wore a sexy cosplay outfit on a recent live-stream
She Also Wore A Head Gear
She also wore a pair of horns
She Looks Sexy
The hole on the dress flaunted her big boobs

The bold revealing outfit also revealed that Soram seemed to wear nothing inside. Then, she also wore a pair of horns on her head and did some makeup without realizing the outfit was pretty sexy. After a few minutes, the streamer wore a sweater coat and tried to cover the revealed boobs with the front flap of the cosplay dress.

She Wore A Sweater Coat
Then, she wore a big sweater coat
Soram Wore A Coat
And changed a thinner one
But Then She Put It Off
But Then She Put Them Off

However, only after a short moment, Soram put off the coat and kept live-streaming with that sexy cosplay dress. The black maid dress also made the revealed boobs bolder and more eye-catching. Besides, she also made many poses to show off the sexy boobs in front of the camera. It's not the first time the streamer flaunted her sexy boobs on the broadcast. Previously, the beautiful streamer even put off her bra right on the live-stream and nearly got banned.

She Also Tied Her Hair
She Also Tied Her Hair To Looks Better

During the live-stream, the streamer also adjusted her dress many times. It made the sexy dress become the main content of the broadcast and audiences focused more on it. She also has a YouTube channel to post ASMR videos. The Twitch streamer also contacts with fans via her sexy stills on Instagram. Just take a look.

Soram 1

Soram 2

Soram 3

Soram 4

Soram 5

Soram 6

Soram 7

Soram 8

Soram 9

Soram 10