The adult entertainment industry in Japan has gone global, offering many a chance to change their lives. However, in exchange for fame and money, the sex workers have to face a plethora of hidden corners. Kojima Minami is a prominent actress in the JAV scene. She has just revealed her own experience with the industry on her personal Youtube channel.

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Kojima Minami has shared her experience with the JAV industry

Specifically, Minami shared that sometimes, the AV actresses - especially newbies - are forced to do off-script scenes by directors. What's make it worse is they usually involve "extremely difficult and embarrassing" positions. Some directors don't even take with the actresses about doing this kind of scene, but only forced them to follow. And most of the time, new recruits who do not know much about the industry have no other choice but to follow.

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JAV directors often force actresses to do off-script scenes

Minami herself was in the same situation. However, according to her sharing,  the AV actress has a way to "avoid" doing them. Sharing on her Youtube channel, she said she did not like it when the directors forced her to do off-script scenes. They make her feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. But, she has a trick under her sleeves. Whenever they force her to do a difficult scene, she just simply sings a Disney song.

Kojima Minami 3
Minami simply sings a Disney song to avoid them

The actress is a big fan of Disney songs from their animation. When the director forces her to do an embarrassing scene, she won't object it immediately. Instead, she will sing a Disney song right during filming. As you may already know, Disney is a global company that's rather "sensitive" to copyright matters.

Kojima Minami 4
The House of Mouse is really sensitive with copyright matters

With this in mind, Minami uses it to her advantage. She knows when a video has a song that is copyrighted by Disney, it cannot be sold and used for commercial purposes. Because of that, the directors had almost no choice but to follow Minami's request. As the clever AV actress said herself. "One Disney song is enough to solve the problem".

Kojima Minami 5
What a clever lady!

Kojima Minami is a renowned JAV actress. The 27-year-old has joined the adult entertainment industry in 2011 and yielded massive success. She stars in various videos and is a member of the JAV Idol girl groups of Ebisu★Muscats and SEXY-J.

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