Modders for PC games have again succeeded in embedding a popular cultural phenomenon into fan-favorite title Skyrim. They have connected Skyrim with one of the hottest, most trendy series on TV recently: Game of Thrones.

In case you don’t get what I’m talking about, Game of Thrones is a 8-season series aired in HBO, since 2011. The series is about the war between different factions for the ultimate post – the ruler of Westeros land. Despite receiving different reviews from movies critics for the last season, Game of Thrones remains to be in top watch-list of many cineholics around the world.

As the series is coming to an end, much questions are still open about the ending of this epic series. Primarily, viewers want to know about who the ultimate ruler of all realms is, spin-off products and numerous cultural references post-Game of Thrones.

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Above: The famous scene in GOT S8, featuring Starbuck's coffee cup.

During the epic Final Season (S8), a member of Game of Thrones production crew unintentionally put a Starbuck cup in a scene of Episode 4. You are unlikely to miss this ‘cause it has become one of the most discussed pop-culture “golden egg” for the past few years.

Although Game of Thrones’ crew later removed the cup, the response at first on social networks was rapid and tempting, dragging both HBO and Starbuck into the affair. At the moment, famous modder of Skyrim, “JohnRose18” has modified that Starbuck cup into Bethesda’s Skyrim (Skyrim showed up in 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2018, yet this mod is only functional on PC platform).

The famous Starbuck coffee in Skyrim mod

Named “Skyland Coffee”, the mod gives you a chance to see Skyrim’s original mugs and tankards to be replaced with the recyclable, environment-friendly coffee cups from the favorite Skyland coffee.

Surely, this experience will not only intrigue Skyrim players but also Game of Thrones fans, who share the same interest in Bethesda’s legendary open-world title.