The games streaming service from Google named Stadia was finally set for launch later this year. The official announcement on this platform was made last week at Google GDC Keynote 2019. The aim of the brand new platform is to make console games viable to other devices like smart TV iOS, Mac, desktop PC or Android devices.

Stadia game streaming service

Google already had a brand new dedicated studio name Stadia Games and Entertainment. The studio will be in charge of the platform by making exclusive games for it.

So about the platform itself, here are the five key features of it that we believe would change the way we consume games.

Games can be accessed anywhere through this platform

One of the main reasons game streaming works is because it allows players to have a variety of selection since tons of games are available there.

At the moment, even Switch from Nintendo doesn’t offer this feature due to the matter of low internal memory as well as the cost for the largest micro SD cards.

And as mentioned before, this platform will be available on any smart device that you can think of. Basically, you can play video games on TV in your living room, on your phone while you are still in the subway or even when you are in flight on a plane.

No need for loading times or patch downloads

For many people who have a modern gaming device, they would affirm that downloading a huge patch is something they find extremely annoying. When you just get a new game, you definitely don’t want to get an addition 80GB patch later.

With Stadia, it only requires you a 25MB connection to get 4K resolution at 60 FPS to enjoy the games. This means you can just choose a game, select to play it and really get the game in just seconds.

Yes, you got it right. Google Stadia allows you to play the game with literally no loading times. This is due to the fact that Stadia is reportedly twice as powerful as the Xbox One X.

Stadia’s controller

One single controller

Despite the fact that Google Stadia does support a great variety of controllers (like a selection we saw at GDC when Google demonstrated a live playing of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey), it will provide one game controller of its own.

Since it is quite common for modern gamers to have different consoles for different games, having one more controller doesn’t seem a matter for them.

This platform can save your money

It is true. Google Stadia can help you save a lot of money. Even though the exact price of the product hasn’t been released yet, you can expect that it will only cost you the same as a standard game does for each month.

For your consideration, this is not a bad option when you can have a large selection of games for just for the price of one.

Doom Eternal 1024x538
Doom Eternal will be available on Stadia

And if you don’t feel want it, you will not have to buy any additional game console. Stadia supports every platform, from your smart TV to your phone or tablet.

It is a social gaming platform

One thing that you should notice is Google Stadia is actually considered as a social gaming device for many reasons. Since you can play games from Stadia everywhere, you can find some friends to play with you for an impromptu session anytime.

Dark Souls 1024x576
Stadia makes gaming more social

Furthermore, you are able to upload or stream every gameplay footage you want with just a click of the button. With your sharing, your friends can join the game at the exact time you are in it and then you can sync up your progress.