For any hardcore gamer, nothing is more annoying than being disturbed when combating with close teammates. However, in some unavoidable situation, quitting game may be considered as the only choice even when you don’t want it.

Gamer Flood

Everything has an exception. A few days ago, a unique and partly funny incident of a ‘real’ gamer took the internet by storm. Accordingly, this guy frankly declared that he was willing to lose his life but he couldn’t abandon his team although the flood continued to swell water levels.

Sichuan Gamer

To get more specific, this incident took place in Sichuan, China in which people have faced lots of damages due to a great flood. When a flood shows any sign of surging, evacuation is an effective solution to protect the life of citizens, especially those in low regions.

Local Police

While others were packing up their belongings, our gamer chose to sit still on his house to complete his match, regardless of countless persuasion from the local policemen.

Accordingly, this man gave a ‘persuasive’ explanation saying that he couldn’t abandon his teammates who played the game with him as a close team. It took the policemen lots of time to manage to advise him to evacuate reluctantly.

Gamer China

Many felt strongly impressed by the unconquerable spirit of this gamer. However, right after his clip went viral on social networks, he has come under fire because some said that he shouldn’t consider games more valuable than his own life.

Meanwhile, others expressed their support to his behavior because as they said, what this game respects is not games, but fellowship. It is obvious that no one felt happy when seeing his teammate quit the game in the mid-match.

At present, his story has attracted lots of mixed opinions on the Internet. However, almost all of the netizens agree that this gamer needs to keep alive before thinking of the next combats with his teammates.

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