A Japanese former esports pro player Tomoyuki “Katsuninken” Inui, 33-year-old, has just been arrested in Japan for the burglary charge. This guys has just broken into an apartment of an 84-year-old woman in Tokyo and stolen away $23,000. However, after being questioned by the policemen, this former Japanese esports pro has admitted that he has successfully done more than 100 burglaries in the past three years.

Tomoyuki Inui
Tomoyuki “Katsuninken” Inui

Tomoyuki “Katsuninken” Inui explained that he chose to do those things because his main game Dead or Alive is no longer popular, so the support for gamers of that game is not enough anymore and he has to find another way to make livings. But of course, that is still not a viable option of making livings.

This gamer was the world champion of his game. Tomoyuki “Katsuninken” Inui won the Dead Or Alive Ultimate tournament in Singapore in 2005. His reward was $15,000 for this victory. However, after this tournament, he did not take part in the DoA 4 tournaments in 2006 and 2007. And we all know that later on the game become “dead”, alongside with its popularity.

411129 Dead Or Alive 4 Xbox 360 Screenshot Kyoto I
The game Dead Or Alive 4

For a pro gamer, this is definitely not an acceptable reason for such kinds of activities. Yes, his game is dead, but he could have switched to other fighting games. This year, Koei Techmo hosts a tournament with $90,000 prize pool in the World Championship. The Capcom Pro Tour, one of the biggest tournaments for fighting games similar to DoA, featured about $680,000 prize pool 2018 for Street Fighter! Game. With practice, Tomoyuki “Katsuninken” Inui could have changed to a pro player of other fighting game and won tournaments for money to support his life.

Yes, no one can defend his guiltiness. This guy has committed quite serious crimes for a long time. But this case also tells us a sad phenomenon happening in Japan and other countries as well. Long-term security for professional esports athletes is not available at all in many regions. After one pro player ends his professional gaming career, he does not have many options for livings left. Perhaps it’s time for the authorities to change some regulations for the esports industry.