The main character in this story is Yao Hashimoto - a former member of the famous idol group in Japan: AKB48 Team B. Although she is currently doing a Law Degree at a university, Hashimoto still works as a part-time photo model, thanks to her attractive appearance and sexy figure.

yao hashimoto 1
Yao Hashimoto appears on a live broadcast

Hashimoto even spends a lot of time featuring on livestream. But that's also the reason leading to her viral wardrobe malfunction on air. Recently, during the live broadcast of a famous TV show, the former idol accidentally revealed some intimate places of her body, an accident that she probably never forget.

yao hashimoto 2
She starts to undress on stream,

In more detail, Hashimoto appeared with a thin outer jacket on a recent live stream. Initially, she covered the sexy bikini inside. Then, according to the program's script, the hot girl had to take off her jacket to reveal her curvy figure in a jaw-dropping swimsuit. However, due to her "oversized" bust, the bikini failed to cover it all. Hashimoto herself did not seem to notice either. After she took off the jacket, Hashimoto accidentally revealed the sensitive point on her enormous breast.

yao hashimoto 3
The bikini can't cover her breast

Judging from Hashimoto's reaction to the incident, it seems like she herself didn't know what was happening. Only after being reminded by someone did she immediately try to cover it up. The livestream screen paused shortly afterward. However, that "revealing" moment was still recorded by many fans and spread like a wildfire on the Japanese social networks.

yao hashimoto 4
The incident left the host speechless

Although it was quite an unfortunate accident and Hashimoto did not seem to plan it before, it's safe to say that the former is now even more popular.  Many people know about her, which is always a good thing for a showbiz star. However, there are also quite a few negative comments towards the hot girl's "revealing" moment. They accuse Hashimoto of deliberately showing off her body on livestream for the sake of fame.

yao hashimoto 5
Hashimoto often posts racy snaps on her Instagram

Intentional or not, this is still a rare incident on Japanese live broadcast. However, the country of cherry blossoms also has its fair share of racy TV content. Adult shows are a major hit in Japan. And let's not forget the booming adult entertainment industry here. Hence, it may just be a normal thing to reveal a sensitive place on national TV.

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